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Chamber Officers:
Mary Beth Puyear, President
Brenda Romero, Vice President
Craig Adams, Treasurer
Kylee Harrison, Secretary

The chamber of commerce in Hooker was established in June of 1921. The founding members formed the organization to promote business growth and enhance the quality of life in Hooker.

The modern Hooker Chamber of Commerce holds true to that original charter. Networking, addressing current issues, supporting business growth and promoting the community of Hooker are the goals of our modern Chamber. This is accomplished through regular membership meetings, events and communication. We believe in Hooker and we are working to help our community prosper.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce also provides funds for events that encourage people to visit Hooker and shop in our town. We sponsor annual events including the Community Easter Egg Hunt, The Fourth of July Free Hotdog Feed and Fireworks Display, The Chamber Golf Tournament, The Chamber Halloween Parade, the Christmas Parade, and the Christmas Cookie Crawl. We also participate in local events like the Hooker Car Show and the Bulldog Network.

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